A New Chapter

So I’ve decided that I must write every day for a minimum of half an hour. Today is the first day and I’ve already had thoughts about not writing the full half-hour today.

This is a frustrating thought. None the less, I’m blogging so even if the full half-hour doesn’t get done, at least I’m writing.

I mostly want to work on my campaign/story, but I figured, either way, it is good.

Life update: boyfriend and I broke up. It was probably what needed to happen. We are going to try and stay friends. It will get complicated. I still have strong emotion about our relationship, so we will see how that goes.

I have to stay in this voice because I am not trying to collapse. I won’t collapse. I’ve cried already for so many months about this. And right now, I want to be excited about the future.

We have both been expecting this to happen for a long time now.

I’ve been doing well though; I haven’t talked to him since Sunday and it’s Friday. It has been 5 days! This may not seem like that long, but I haven’t even tried to reach out to him or anything. And that is a big deal.

I got close last night, but I have really amazing people in my life who love and support me. Shoutout to the homies! I love you all!

I appreciate everyone in my life so much, even though I do not show it very often.

A wave of sadness washed over my entire being.

Oh, I do not like that, however, it is okay. It is good. Sadness is good to feel.

Okay, but maybe not at this moment.

Moving forward: I watched BONDiNG last night on Netflix! YES! One hundred percent yes! I loved it so much. One of my boys recommended it to me. He didn’t say much to not give away the premise, but he said that I would love it and that I had to watch it. Oh, how right he was! So amazing! Definitely recommend!

Other than that, I probably should start to get ready to go to work because I take forever to get ready. And I work very soon.

Thank you all for reading,

Keira Waters



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Keira Waters

Keira Waters

mostly writing about my thoughts and experiences